atelier paulin X causse

What if the glove became a hand jewel?
It is the beautiful idea that emerged from the encounter between Causse and Atelier Paulin. Together, they have created a collection of accessories designed in the pure spirit of craftsmanship that is so dear to them both.

The hand is where the glove cutters and sewers of Causse and the jewellers of Atelier Paulin draw their common inspiration.

Between the hand and the transmission, the link was obvious.
The idea of transmission is beautifully illustrated in these creations...Transmission of the traditional know-how but also of an item that we hold on to, that is handed down from generation to generation: Gloves carry memories. The hand is celebrated by the modern poetry that Atelier Paulin writes in gold threads.

These gloves are short and elegantly cleaved at the base of the wrist, bearing a word made of gold like an intimate bracelet with a fine buckle. Some are also embroidered on the palm side, with a message full of optimism symbolized
by the three words “destiny”, “love” and “luck” (“destin”, “amour”, “chance”), or individual words such as “life” and “spirit” (“vie”, “esprit”). 

This collection where delicacy prevails, also offers the opportunity to customers to choose their own words when ordering at the Causse boutique or from the online store.