Our story

Atelier Paulin, the jewel that speaks for you,
the accessory that makes a statement.
Atelier Paulin is first and foremost a new way of expression, an emotion, a personal poetry handcrafted with golden thread, on the wrist or in the hollow of the neck.
Our story
In 2022 Matthias Lavaux, the founder of Atelier Paulin, inaugurated a new chapter in the history of the brand.
The cult jewel of emotions becomes a jewel of expression, an accessory for personal desires and mottos. Modular and evolving messages for a true declaration of self.
"Atelier Paulin invites its customers to become the author of a new story. We want our jewelry to be designed and written as the days and moods go by, alternating words and messages. A kind of rehumanized social network status" says Matthias Lavaux.
Atelier, because we value French craftsmanship, and claim a demanding, committed and transparent production ethic. After having reinterpreted and breathed new modernity into the ancestral technique of lettering, our Atelier continues to explore new spheres of creation to draw the contours of a coherent, aesthetic, singular and inspired global ecosystem.
Paulin, because our jewelry is above all the embodiment of a human adventure and because this first name resonates in the personal history of the founders. A name with meaning, which sounds like a connivance, a joy, a facetiousness, woven with softness and poetry.
Since its creation, Atelier Paulin is a personalization without borders (bracelet, necklace, earring, ring, brooch, cufflinks), in-house innovations (twisted or hammered thread) and collaborations as collateral tributes (Lancôme, Cocteau ...).

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