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Craftsmanship and more… 

Our team of artisans invite you behind the scenes of our know how.

A town, an artisan. 

One of the key values of Atelier Paulin is share our know how. 

Showing this through our completely open work stations in our various workshops. Atelier Paulin hides nothing!

Pass through our workshops in Paris, New York City or Geneva, and discover the techniques used and meet our artisans in person. 

The best way to get to know them, follow their instagram accounts!



Charline @charlineartisan on Instagram, is our Parisian figure. She also travels and represents the brand in various international events : Italy, Ukraine, United Kingdom. 

Her favourite jewel: Original Customized Bracelet “She Rocks” made the head of production Pauline Coutant.

its a message of motivation, passion, love and signifies positive energy and sticks with me everyday through my professional and personal life." 

The Jewel she loves to make: Original Customized Earcuff 

"Without hesitation the Earcuff! its a jewel that requires know how and attention to detail; inherent to the shape of the ear. I think its one of the jewels that I take my time perfecting. The retouching and when the client tries it on, is one of the greatest moments to share." 

You can find Charline at our Paris workshop, 60 rue de Richelieu in Paris. 


Maiïna’s Parisian life, @mainaartisan on instagram, our Artisan based in Bon Marché, we invite tou to discover our universe. She works with goldfilled with passion and will perfectly transcribe your emotions. 

Her favourite jewel: Original Mantra Bracelet 

"I will never part with these 3 bracelets:

The first names of my two children and my mantra “ harder better faster stronger” that keeps me going everyday."

The jewel she loves to make: The Collection Capital in 18K 

"I love to create the studio orders in 18K gold as they are handmade and made to measure. The client expresses a dream which we then create specially for them using techniques from our ancestral know how."



The adventures of Paulinette, @paulineartisan on instagram, in New York. Recently just touching down in the heart of West Village, Pauline brought her lightness and  know how. The French craftsmanship is well represented at the New York workshop on 23w 8th Avenue. 


Her favourite jewel: Original Initial Ring 

"I change my jewelry on a regular basis, according to my mood and the occasion...But one thing that never changes is my initial ring “a”, which I wear on my thumb, and is the first letter of my mother and sisters names ( and A is for Amour!), and “p” which is the first letter of my name and I wear it on my index finger."

The jewel she likes to make: The Capital collection in 18K gold


"Fine Jewelry!

It’s an incredible moment to share with the client. It’s the messages we get to transcribe on the jewel but also the symbolism behind the gemstone. Talking, sharing and finding the gemstone that will be mounted on their bracelet or ring. Each gemstone is unique, with its characteristics, colours, emotions.. and once the choice is made, my favourite part comes next-  hand-making. Writing, adjusting, polishing… the work needs patience and attention to detail, a know how learned in school and at Atelier Paulin. A unique result, a smile and sometimes tears of happiness, illuminate the faces of the purchaser."



Gisela, @giselaartisan on Instagram, our Geneva based artisan. Gisela spreads Atelier Paulin know how in Globus at the heart of Geneva.  She will help you discover her creations, and new collections at the stand and also on her instagram instagram 


Her favourite jewel: Original Hammered Nude Bracelet 

Fine and feminine, I will wear with various styles, it never leaves me. 

The jewel she likes to make: Original Brooch 

With a penchant for retro atmospheres and what these periods evoke in terms of material and design, I find myself naturally attracted to the original brooches, which represent a time that’s raw and natural. The brooch offers you fun jewel you can wear thanks to its contemporary look.

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