La Joaillerie par Atelier Paulin

Synonyms of power, beauty, elite, rarity, man has always been fascinated with gemstones. Precious stones, are highly coveted for their originality, history and symbolism. 

For our very first Fine jewelry collection, we chose to associate a stone with emotions, selecting the watermelon tourmaline known as the stone of the heart. 


The stone of many colours 

A stone falls from the sky, crossing a rainbow, giving it its sublime variations of color.  This is the legend Sinhala legend that pays tribute to the tourmaline stone. The Watermelon tourmaline stone can be found in deposits in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil and also in California. 

Transparency in the landscape

The range of colors are derived from the natural elements that make up this stone.Iron, Magnesium, Cobalt, titanium, thus giving a natural tint green, brown, yellow, pink, blue, black...


The Stone of love 

The tourmaline possesses two intensities being a luminous crystal : The luminous ray that penetrates the stone is divided into two, a magical beauty. 

An inexplicable power emanates from its green and red pigments. This pure and noble rock guides its owner towards the path of charisma, empathy and simplifies his relationship with the world. Linked to the heart chakra, it soothes the soul and increases self confidence, happiness and love for one’s neighbour. 

It has the virtues of balancing emotions by living them fully and expressing them accurately.

The 18K gold wire turns to Capital

Atelier Paulin reinvents its codes and writing to turn a new page in its story.18K gold is traditionally used in high end jewelry and it represents the balance between the quality of gold (75%) and the other elements (25%). 

All our creations in 18K gold are quality controlled and punched. 

Discover our Pierre Emotion, Capital, Words collection and customize and capture your emotions with our Jewelry.

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