Craftsman of the month : Ambre

Good morning Ambre, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, my name is Ambre, I'm 25 years old and I live in Paris. I am a globetrotter at heart and I joined Atelier Paulins team a few months ago.

If you had to describe yourself by a quality and a weakness, which ones would they be?

Creativity and the fickle. However, Atelier Paulin allowed me to combine both perfectly. My creativity gave me the need of perfection and my dizziness allows me to easily adapt and to discover jewelry beyond French borders.


How did the desire to create jewels come to you?

I do not know if it's related to my first name, but the idea of ​​making jewelry has always been ubiquitous. In my childhood I was immersed in the artistic world, especially with music, and this sensitivity pushed me through creation . I started by creating pearl necklaces which pushed me to discover contemporary jewelery! So, when I was 18  I realized my dream and integrate a Parisian school of jewelry.


Why the jewel?

Its power of transmission touches me deeply, I love the beautiful stories of families transmitting a ring or a bracelet from one generation to another. The jewel has this incredible power to fuel the memory.

From a creative point of view the materials used in jewelery allow an eternal renewal which excludes boredom: it is fascinating.


What do you feel when you make a jewel?

Finishing a jewel is a huge satisfaction. Being able to create with your own hands is really magic and sharing emotion through a jewel is awesome. I feel really lucky to have such a fascinating job, every day I learn new things from a technical point of view as well as a personal one.


How do you maintain your passion of jewelery?

Just look around! The inspiration is everywhere (in shapes, colors ...). A little but of curiosity, and passion does not run out of steam. The jewelry mixes a lot of different artistic supports and that's also what gives it this energy


According to you, what is the first quality of a craftsman?

The most important quality is to be able to listen whether your trainer or your customer!


You often work directly with our clients; What do you like the most?

Without any hesitation their smiles when they discover the finished jewel ! It is for me the most beautiful reward.


What were your motivations to join the Atelier Paulin team?

The wind of novelty and freshness blowing through collections. The technique of yarn in jewelry is very old, yet, Atelier Paulin has been able to reinterpret and appropriate it. The trust that the team gives to young craftsmen is incredible! I was assigned to Merci in Paris as a jeweler. Then I flew to Selfridges in London and here I am in Tokyo for new adventures! Ive never imagined a few months ago that I will leave Paris ... It's a great opportunity. Moreover, this desire to offer such an emotion makes me admiring.


How is Atelier Paulin different from other brands?

Atelier Paulin is a young and dynamic brand, it pushes the limits and it creates a real difference.The world of jewelry deserves a little bit of help to be dusted. The brand is eager to go further and as a craftsman, my motivation is incredible to follow them in this adventure.


Describe Atelier Paulin with only one word?



And you, what word would you choose to put on our jewels?

"kamna". It comes from Hindi and means "desire" in the sense of the wish. It is there to bring me luck and realize my dreams.


The best memory that you have with Atelier Paulin ?

Since my arrival in Tokyo, it is not a single memory that I have, but plenty ! The interest that the Japanese cultivates for our culture impresses me. Ive learned a lot thanks to my team in Tokyo and I love to give customers a little bit of France that they will take everywhere with them. Sometimes they are surprising ! One day a customer asked me a bracelet with the name "Josephine"  on it, in honor of the empress of Napoleon or another asked me "mer" for Charles Trenets  song. It is really touching to see its culture appreciated beyond the borders.

In just 3 weeks in Tokyo I was perfectly welcomed by the team of United & Guest which allows me to already feel like home in this incredible megalopolis.

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